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About Cthulhu Returns

Cthulhu Returns: What is it?

Note: Make sure to check the forums for the most recent updates and information!

For years, many have dared to dream of a Lovecraft MMORPG. Fans have longed to explore his cyclopean cities, wishing to catch glimpses of the eldritch terrors within. This is a true online multiplayer game, with a consistent world reaching across every known Lovecraft location. From Miskatonic University to the City of the Gugs, if Lovecraft wrote it, you can find it here. As the game expands, it will eventually cover all of the Mythos locations you know and fear.

Cthulhu Returns is currently in open beta testing. If you want to be a tester, the download is available here. There is still a lot needing to be added, and the one remaining bug causes a random crash every once in awhile. There is, however, more than enough content to keep you entertained for many hours, and several quests for you to explore. More is being added daily, so check back often for updates. The game is growing fast, and will hopefully be ready for a full blown release soon.